The Panasert Radial Auto Insertion Machine RH2 has been sent to India

The Panasert Radial Auto Insertion Machine RH2 has been sent to India

An Indian customer inquired me about the Panasonic Radial Auto Inserter RHU2 in the beginning of April.

After getting the quotation and photos of the AI machine RHU2LL, the customer come the our company to check about the machine condition. When the customer got to our warehouse find there was a set of RH2 in our company.

Panasert RH2

Model: NM-8221

PCB dimensions: L50 x W50 ~ L330 x W250mm

Max. Speed: 0.45S/component

No. Of Component inputs:62

Applicable components: Resistor,Electrolytic Capacitor,Ceramic capacitor, LED, Transistor, Filter, Resistor network

PCB exchange time: about 3s(Room temperature 20)

Electric source:3-phase AC200V,5kVA

Pneumatic source:0.5MPa, 120L/min(A.N.R)

Dimensions:W4266mm x D1670mm x H1650mm



After negotiating, the customer decided to buy the RH2 machine. They asked as for refurbishment the machine. I told them each of our used machine will be refurbished before shipping to customers company.

In the middle of May, we got the payment of the order.  The refurbished work takes around 20 days to finished.

You must wondered why do you use such long time to refurbish a machine. The answer as below.

1. We removed all the covers and even separated the base construction to clean the machine.

2. Each of the cover has been refurbished.

3. Each of the line has been cleaned.

4. Every dilapidated part (like the pipe, the line, the glass cover...)has been replaced

5. Each place is easy to rust were environmentally-friendly oil painting.

6. Each of the Cover has been cleaned.

7. Each of feeder has been check and cleaned.

After the cleaning work our engineer checking and change all the consumable parts, like: the belts, the cutter, the lever, the shaft and so on...

After maintaining the machine the engineer running the machine and make a PCBA sample.

After that we cleaned the machine again and asked the customer to check the condition of the machine. Our customer feel very satisfied.

The machine has been delivered on July 8, 2019. We still have Panasonic RL132,  RG131, AV132, AV131, AVK3, AVK2B, RHSG, RH2 machines available, any needs please feel free to contact with me.

Whats App/phone:+86 15323862827

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